Bond Finances

The February 13th, 2018 bond proposal comes after two years of community outreach and critical study by the volunteer Facilities Improvement Team. Together they assembled a Long Range Facilities Plan which will help guide the district over the coming years.


Two of the team's primary goals were to maintain a stable tax rate for local taxpayers and to identify when buildings targeted for replacement become eligible for state matching funds.  

The plan is laid out in three six-year construction phases and is designed so that the district can choose interest and principle payments that will step-down at the end of every phase. This means the district can introduce new bond proposals to finance each additional phase and maximizing state matching funds all WITHOUT increasing the overall tax rate. In fact, the district estimates that in 2019, the tax rate will actually be LESS than it is today. 

Election Information
The election will be February 13 with ballots available January 26. Clark County voter registration information is online at Residents can register to vote online up to 29 days before Election Day or in person up to 8 days before Election Day.

NOTE: Some senior and disabled homeowners may be eligible for a property tax exemption, based on income. Please call the Clark County Assessor's Office at (360) 397-2391 for details.

District administrators and board members are available to answer questions and share additional details about the bond proposal. For more information, please call the district office at (360) 885-5300.

Bond information provided by Battle Ground Public Schools

The 2018 increase is an exception year, and comes as a result of sweeping school funding changes implemented by the state legislature. 

The bond under consideration will not take effect until 2019 and plays no role in this increase.

If the current bond proposal doesn't pass, the district will lose out on some $61 million dollars in matching funds and the carefully constructed Long Range Facilities Plan will be in jeopardy. Don't let that happen.


Vote "YES" on February 13th!

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