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Major Modernization and Replacement Projects:

The main cost benefit analysis as follows, relates to the comparison of facility modernization versus replacement for the priority projects that have been identified. While it feels counter-intuitive, the costs for modernization/remodel are often 10% to 20% more than new construction. A primary reason for this is the difficulty and complexity of implementing design elements that support 21st century learning models in older facilities. Facilities that support 21st century teaching and learning skills are buildings that:

  • Are integrated with technology

  • Are flexible/ versatile and easily adaptable

  • Provide a variety of room sizes to accommodate teamwork and collaboration

  • Support learning by providing areas for doing real-world projects

  • Provide space for presentation and communicating to peers

  • Provide space for professional learning communities and teamwork

  • Provide space for Community Partnership

  • Provide space for student assessment

  • Provide space for counseling

  • Provide space for community and family resources

  • Provide areas for spontaneous social interaction

  • Are accessible for all

Replacement and Renovation

Replacing and renovating older facilities creates better learning spaces, improves safety and technology and allows future generates to be a part our history. This bond, with additional state funding assistance would:

  • Replace Glenwood Heights Primary and Laurin Middle campus

  • Replace Pleasant Valley Primary and Middle campus

  • Replace Prairie High School 500-900 buildings

  • Renovate Amboy Middle's gym and 300 building

New Facilities
Our schools are overcrowded. It is more than just classrooms. Gyms, libraries and cafeterias are at capacity in our southern schools. Now is the time to build a new campus to reduce overcrowding and prepare for the future growth of our district. This bond with additional state funding assistance would: 


  • ​Construct a new K-4,5-8 Campus in the SE corner of the district boundaries. 

In addition to new schools, the district's Operations building, located on Main St. in front of Battle Ground High School is at end-of-life and needs to be replaced. This bond would pay for a new operations buildings at a location to be determined. 

District Upgrades

Capital Renewal Projects

  • Replace carpet and flooring at CASEE Center, Prairie High School, Battle Ground High School, Yacolt Primary and Maple Grove

Safety and Technology

  • Update door locks district-wide, allowing staff to lockdown an area from inside a room.

  • Upgrade school main entrances and offices with additional doors and card reader access to control building access and improve student and staff safety, 

  • Upgrade district network and cable wiring to increase network capacity, speed and security.

  • Improve security at Prairie High School by constructing additional perimeter fencing.

Education Enhancements

  • Expand STEM opportunities in middle schools by retrofitting classrooms, labs and common areas.

  • Upgrade Career and Technical Education (CTE) classrooms to meet industry standards (ventilation and safety systems, lighting, configuration, etc.)

  • Update classrooms and community spaces to meet needs for innovative programs and teaching practices, including project-based learning and integrated curriculum. 

Athletic Upgrades

  • Upgrade Amboy Gym, including flooring, roof, electrical, plumbing and safety systems.

  • Construct covered play areas at Maple Grove, Yacolt and Amboy schools.

  • Replace turf at District Stadium

  • Add covered bleachers at Prairie High School's track and field

  • Update District Stadium seating and surrounding area to improve safety and accessibility. 


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